If you live in the Mathis area and you are in the market for an SUV this fall, then you should consider buying one from our inventory of quality used vehicles. It's the best way to get the most value for your money. If you know what to look for, you can get an amazing deal on a used SUV in the Corpus Christi area. On this page, you can learn five reasons that you should be getting a used SUV from Always Boerne Pre-Owned this fall. There's never been a better time to get yourself a used SUV.

1. You Want a Great Deal

SUVs can cost a lot of money when new. By buying used at our San Patricio County, TX area dealership, you can get a top-quality SUV from a few years back, but with a significant reduction in price compared to a new one. Major brands like Toyota, Honda, and Nissan have several years of excellent production recently, so there is a lot of inventory with excellent quality to choose from.

2. You Need Space

SUVs offer much more space for cargo and for passengers than cars do. This is true of two-row SUVs as well as three-row models. You can often fold down the back row or rows to make even more space. This is about more than just being able to carry around more space. You also just feel more comfortable when you have more legroom and headroom. This comes in handy when you are taking a long trip.

3. You Need Safety

One of the big advantages of SUVs is that they tend to come with a lot of included safety features. Beyond their typically excellent performance on crash testing, SUVs have a lot of modern automated safety features. These help you avoid collisions and accidents with tools like lane keep assist, lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking. Since these features have been around for a few years, there are lots of used SUVs that include them.

4. School's in Session

With school starting up in the fall, now is a good time to find a vehicle that you can use to ferry around kids, sports equipment, and everything else that comes with the school year. An SUV has just the right amount of space and the durability to handle all of the shuttlings from place to place that the school year requires, from friends' houses to after-school programs and weekend games.

5. Planning Ahead

If you have a young family, then it is a good idea to think ahead and consider your future needs. If you have young children or are planning to start trying to have children, then an SUV is a vehicle that you will need in the near future. Since the quality and value available on the used SUV market is so good now, why not take advantage of the deals you can get? It will only get harder for your budget to fit in buying an SUV as time goes by, so now is a good time.

Explore Our Used SUV Inventory Near Mathis

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