Shopping for used trucks in the Corpus Christi area is one of the absolute best things that locals can do this fall. For residents of San Patricio County, TX, this is an opportunity to acquire transportation that's perfectly in line with their needs and lifestyles, and well within their budgets. At Always Boerne Pre-Owned, we're committed to helping our customers make purchasing decisions that they can feel good about both now and long into the future. That's why we're so excited to share five reasons to get a new-to-you truck this autumn season.

Confidently Tow and Haul All of Your Essentials and Recreational Equipment

Many truck buyers in the Mathis area are looking for powerful vehicles that can capably tow and haul all of their work gear and recreational equipment. Whether searching for the ideal hunting truck, a truck that can take you and your entire household camping, or one that can tow your boat, trailer, or other toys, we've definitely got you covered. You can find a number of reasonably priced super-duty trucks that can carry massive amounts of weight in our inventory. We've also got smaller, light-duty trucks for Corpus Christi drivers with far less to haul and a need for fuel efficiency.

Find Late-Model Used Trucks With First-Class Features and Amenities

If you're in the market for a new truck, consider the benefits of buying a late-model used truck with low mileage, an excellent maintenance history, and just one prior owner. Our inventory includes used options with many of the most cutting-edge technologies, comfort features, and capabilities. We've got trucks with functional outlets in their truck beds, options with heated steering wheels and seats, and even trucks with comprehensive suites of safety features that include lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, trailer monitoring, and more.

We've even got options that make comfort a top priority. From massive cabs with sufficient seating for up to five passengers, to ventilated, leather-trimmed seats, you can get a vehicle that you love riding around in, and without spending beyond your means.

Buy a Truck That Won't Rapidly Depreciate as Soon as You Take It Home

The biggest drawback of buying a brand-new truck in the San Patricio County, TX area is knowing that it will invariably shed thousands of dollars in value just as soon as you drive it off the lot. Used trucks don't depreciate as new ones do. In fact, nearly all of the first-year depreciation has already occurred on our late-model used trucks. This means that your vehicle will still have a high resale value long after you've made it your own. Buying used is a great way to make the losses of early depreciation work for you rather than against you.

Pay Only for What You Want

With used trucks in Mathis, you don't have to pay for fancy dealer extras that you might not even want. If your new-to-you truck comes with a distinctive paint stripe or even a protective finish, these additions will already be reflected in its sticker price. Conversely, dealer extras can add hundreds to your final price if you opt to buy a brand-new truck instead.

Customize and Refine Your Truck With Ease

When they shop our outstanding inventory of used trucks at Always Boerne Pre-Owned, Mathis drivers are guaranteed to find a number of models that have already been customized with highly in-demand options and accessories. From locking, in-bed storage to upgraded safety systems, we've got trucks that are perfect for hauling costly equipment to work and tackling rough, rugged, or otherwise unpredictable terrain.

Best of all, with the money that you save by buying your next truck used, you'll have a lot more cash available to customize and refine your new-to-you auto on your own. Whether making small upgrades like durable, all-weather floor mats and heated wiper blades or opting to install a bed-liner, you can comfortably and affordably create the truck of your dreams.

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