Whether you're buying a preowned car from an individual in Helotes or a used dealership near Kendall County, TX, you should always make a point to take a spin in your prospective new vehicle. Why? The test drive is where you'll discover if the vehicle in question is right for you.

There are a few things you should do before you get to the test drive, however. First, crunch some numbers to decide whether the vehicle fits your budget. It is possible the used car you test drive is perfect in every way, except it may go over what you should be spending on a vehicle. Never go to the dealership without first visiting your bank and seeing just how much car you can afford. Next, get a vehicle history report. Many dealerships offer this as a part of the buying process. However, with the VIN, you can do this yourself. Finally, set up your test drive for daytime hours.

Once you've accomplished this, you can begin the process of the test drive. But, before you get behind the wheel, check out the exterior of the car. Make sure all the lights are working. Look at the exhaust; if the exterior of this area is blue or black, there could be an engine or emission control issue. Start the engine, and walk around the car. Listen for any noises that could indicate an issue. Then, take a look at the interior. Be sure to look for LATCH anchors if you have children, and make sure the rear seat is big enough for things you might often carry (such as a pet carrier or sporting equipment).

When you get ready to drive, check all the interior features to ensure they work. Look through the rearview mirror for potential blind spots. Is the vehicle comfortable? Consider whether you could make a long-distance drive in the vehicle. Check the interior lighting, the blinkers, the radio, and the USB connections. Everything should work as it is intended. Check the A/C and heater as well. Finally, take a good, long whiff of the car - if you smell mildew or any other funny smells, that could indicate serious issues in the car.

Now that you are armed with this knowledge, you are ready to take your test drive with confidence. Head to Always Boerne Pre-Owned and take your idea car, truck, or SUV for a test drive, knowing you have what it takes to make an informed decision.

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